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The crystal structure of caratiite

  • Herta Effenberger (a1) and Josef Zemann (a1)


The crystal structure of caratiite, K4Cu4O2 (SO4)4 MeCl (a 13.60(2), c 4.98(1) Å, Z = 2) was solved in space group I4 from single crystal data, and refined to R = 0.035 for 654Fo > 6σ(Fo). The atomic arrangement is characterized by Cu2O(SO4)2 chains parallel to [001], with Cu in (4 + 1) co-ordination and O surrounded tetrahedrally by four Cu atoms. These chains are interconnected by K atoms to a framework, the channels of which house the Me and Cl atoms. The nature of the Me atoms is not completely clear; most probably the position is half occupied by Cu, fully occupied by Na, or occupied by a mixture of the two.



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