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Bismuth sulphosalts within quartz veining hosted by the Loch Shin monzogranite, Scotland

  • D. Lowry (a1), W. E. Stephens (a1), D. A. Herd (a1) and C. J. Stanley (a2)


The Loch Shin monzogranite is host to quartz veins bearing the sulphosalts aikinite, hammarite, lindströmite, krupkaite, gladite and pekoite, which belong to the aikinite-bismuthinite series, and represents the first significant occurrence of this series in the United Kingdom. Inclusions of the sulphotelluride tetradymite occur in krupkaite-gladite. Berryite is present as inclusions in chalcopyrite. Electron microprobe analyses reveal a range of compositions in individual crystal masses from hammarite to krupkaite in one sample, and from krupkaite to gladite in a second. Compositions between friedrichite and hammarite and gladite and pekoite are notably absent.



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Bismuth sulphosalts within quartz veining hosted by the Loch Shin monzogranite, Scotland

  • D. Lowry (a1), W. E. Stephens (a1), D. A. Herd (a1) and C. J. Stanley (a2)


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