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Beusite-(Ca), ideally CaMn22+(PO4)2, a new graftonite-group mineral from the Yellowknife pegmatite field, Northwest Territories, Canada: Description and crystal structure

  • Frank C. Hawthorne (a1), Michael A. Wise (a2), Petr Černý (a1), Yassir A. Abdu (a3), Neil A. Ball (a1), Adam Pieczka (a4) and Adam Włodek (a4)...


Beusite-(Ca), ideally Ca ${\rm Mn}_{\rm 2}^{2 +} $ (PO4)2, is a new graftonite-group mineral from the Yellowknife pegmatite field, Northwest Territories, Canada. It occurs in a beryl–columbite–phosphate rare-element pegmatite where it is commonly intergrown with triphylite–lithiophilite or sarcopside, and may form by exsolution from a high-temperature (Li,Ca)-rich graftonite-like parent phase. It occurs as pale-brown lamellae 0.1–1.5 mm wide in triphylite, and is pale brown with a vitreous lustre and a very pale-brown streak. It is brittle, has a Mohs hardness of 5, and the calculated density is 3.610 g/cm3. Beusite-(Ca) is colourless in plane-polarized light, and is biaxial (+) with α = 1.685(2), β = 1.688(2), γ = 1.700(5), and the optic axial angle is 46.0(5)°. It is non-pleochroic with X || b; Y ˄ a = 40.3° in β obtuse; Z ˄ a = 49.7° in β acute. Beusite-(Ca) is monoclinic, has space group P21/c, a = 8.799(2), b = 11.724(2), c = 6.170(1) Å, β = 99.23(3)°, V = 628.3(1) Å3 and Z = 4. Chemical analysis by electron microprobe gave P2O5 41.63, FeO 19.43, MnO 23.63, CaO 15.45, sum 100.14 wt.%. The empirical formula was normalized on the basis of 8 anions pfu: (Ca0.94Fe0.92Mn1.13)Σ2.99(PO4)2.00. The crystal structure was refined to an R1 index of 1.55%. Beusite-(Ca) is a member of the graftonite group with Ca completely ordered at the [8]-coordinated M(1) site.


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Associate Editor: Anthony Kampf



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