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Ammoniomathesiusite, a new uranyl sulfate–vanadate mineral from the Burro mine, San Miguel County, Colorado, USA

  • Anthony R. Kampf (a1), Jakub Plášil (a2), Barbara P. Nash (a3) and Joe Marty (a4)


The new mineral ammoniomathesiusite (NH4)5(UO2)4(SO4)4(VO5)·4H2O, was found in the Burro mine, San Miguel County, Utah, USA, where it occurs as a secondary phase on asphaltum/quartz matrix in association with ammoniozippeite, gypsum, jarosite and natrozippeite. The mineral forms pale yellow to greenish-yellow prisms, up to ~0.3 mm long, with pale-yellow streak and bright yellow–green fluorescence. Crystals are transparent and have vitreous lustre. The mineral is brittle, with Mohs hardness of 2½, stepped fracture and two cleavages: excellent on {110} and good on {001}. The calculated density is 3.672 g/cm3. Ammoniomathesiusite is optically uniaxial (–) with ω = 1.653(2) and ε = 1.609(2) (white light). Pleochroism is: O = green-yellow, E = colourless; O > E. Electron microprobe analyses yielded the empirical formula [(NH4)4.75(UO2)4(SO4)4(VO5)·4(H2.07O). The five strongest powder X-ray diffraction lines are [dobs Å(I)(hkl)]: 10.57(46)(110), 7.10(62)(001), 6.41(100)(101), 3.340(35)(240) and 3.226(44)(141). Ammoniomathesiusite is tetragonal, P4/n with a = 14.9405(9), c = 7.1020(5) Å, V = 1585.3(2) Å3 and Z = 2. The structure of ammoniomathesiusite (R1 = 0.0218 for 3427 I > 2σI) contains heteropolyhedral sheets based on [(UO2)4(SO4)4(VO5)]5– clusters. The structure is identical to that of mathesiusite, with ${\rm NH}_{\rm 4}^{\rm +} $ in place of K+.


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Associate Editor: Juraj Majzlan



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Ammoniomathesiusite, a new uranyl sulfate–vanadate mineral from the Burro mine, San Miguel County, Colorado, USA

  • Anthony R. Kampf (a1), Jakub Plášil (a2), Barbara P. Nash (a3) and Joe Marty (a4)


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