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The Identity of Binnite with Tennantite; and the Chemical Composition of Fahlerz

  • G. T. Prior (a1) and L. J. Spencer (a1)


Few minerals have had a more varied career than the cubic sulpharsenite of copper--the binnite of Des Cloizeaux--which as small brilliant crystals is of rare occurrence in the white saccharoidal dolomite of the Binnenthal in Switzerland.



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page note 1 The authority for this locality is the Heuland oatalope. Two other specimens of tetrahedrite h, om the Heuland collection, and now in the British Museum, which are exactly similar in appearance and matrix to the specimen now described, are, acemrding to the Heuland catalogue, from Bmgorry, Basses-Pyrénées. The latter occurrence is mentioned by Romé de l' Isle (1778), and is desm.ibed at length by Prof. Laeroix (Min. de France, 1897, II, p. 724). Lacroix only just mentions Museum slmmnens of tetmhedrite as being labelled Fresney d' Oisans

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page note 1 This specimen has been for many years in the British Museum collection, and was labelled "Andreasberg. Harz" by the late Mr. T. Davies, but the associations are so unlike those described in the literature of minerals from the Harz (Luedecke, Min. d. Harzes, 1896) that this lcoality must be considered as doubtful. On the other hand, on account of the remarkable agreement in every particular with Sandberger's (Nones Jahrb.f. Min. 1869, pp. 801, 297; Unttrsueh. über Erzpiinge, 1885, II, pp. 288, 288) description of tetrahedrite from the Wenzel Mine near Wolfaeh in Baden, we have ventured to suggest that the specimen in all probability came from this locality

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page note 3 Two out of Rose's seven analyses are not included, as they show intermixed matrix, and large percentages of both arsenic and antimony, the separation of which was by an imperfect method.


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