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Ferriferous orthoclase from Madagascar

  • D. S. Coombs (a1)


In 1916 Kôzu recorded the fact that a specimen of yellow Madagascar orthoclase, subsequently shown by Seto (1923) to contain 2-93% Fe203, had an optic axial angle of 20° 17' (NaD light) with the optic axial plane parallel to (010). This observation is in apparent conflict with the useful curves relating 2V to composition for alkali-felspars compiled by Dr. O. F. Turtle (1951, 1952). These curves were designed to show how the felspars fall into several more or less distinct series, rather than as an aid to the precise determination of composition, which in fact must be decided by other means. The possibility of transitional forms between the series was clearly recognized (e.g. 1952, p. 565).



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Ferriferous orthoclase from Madagascar

  • D. S. Coombs (a1)


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