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Variable Resolution Fluctuation Electron Microscopy on Cu-Zr Metallic Glass Using a Wide Range of Coherent STEM Probe Size

  • Jinwoo Hwang (a1) and P.M. Voyles (a1)


We report variable resolution fluctuation electron microscopy (VRFEM) measurements on Cu64.5Zr35.5 metallic glass acquired using scanning transmission electron microscopy nanodiffraction using coherent probes 0.8 to 11 nm in diameter. The VRFEM results show that medium range atomic order structure of Cu64.5Zr35.5 bulk metallic glass at the ∼1 nm scale has large fluctuations, but the structure becomes almost completely homogeneous at the 11 nm scale. We show that our experimental VRFEM data are consistent with two different models, the pair persistent model and the amorphous/nanocrystal composite model. We also report a new way to filter VRFEM data to eliminate the effect of specimen thickness gradient using high-angle annular dark field images as references.


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