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A Small Spot, Inert Gas, Ion Milling Process as a Complementary Technique to Focused Ion Beam Specimen Preparation

  • Paul E. Fischione (a1), Robert E.A. Williams (a2), Arda Genç (a2), Hamish L. Fraser (a2), Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski (a3), Martina Luysberg (a3), Cecile S. Bonifacio (a1) and András Kovács (a3)...


This paper reports on the substantial improvement of specimen quality by use of a low voltage (0.05 to ~1 keV), small diameter (~1 μm), argon ion beam following initial preparation using conventional broad-beam ion milling or focused ion beam. The specimens show significant reductions in the amorphous layer thickness and implanted artifacts. The targeted ion milling controls the specimen thickness according to the needs of advanced aberration-corrected and/or analytical transmission electron microscopy applications.


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* Corresponding author.


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A Small Spot, Inert Gas, Ion Milling Process as a Complementary Technique to Focused Ion Beam Specimen Preparation

  • Paul E. Fischione (a1), Robert E.A. Williams (a2), Arda Genç (a2), Hamish L. Fraser (a2), Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski (a3), Martina Luysberg (a3), Cecile S. Bonifacio (a1) and András Kovács (a3)...


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