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Quantitative Strain Mapping Applied to Aberration-Corrected HAADF Images

  • Ana M. Sanchez (a1), Pedro L. Galindo (a2), Slawomir Kret (a3), Meiken Falke (a4), Richard Beanland (a5) and Peter J. Goodhew (a6)...


A systematic distortion in high-angle annular dark-field scanning transmission electron microscope (HAADF-STEM) images, which may be caused by residual electrical interference, has been evaluated. Strain mapping, using the geometric phase methodology, has been applied to images acquired in an aberration-corrected STEM. This allows this distortion to be removed and so quantitative analysis of HAADF-STEM images was enabled. The distortion is quantified by applying this technique to structurally perfect and strain-free material. As an example, the correction is used to analyse an InAs/GaAs dot-in-quantum well heterostructure grown by molecular beam epitaxy. The result is a quantitative measure of internal strain on an atomic scale. The measured internal strain field of the heterostructure can be interpreted as being due to variations of indium concentration in the quantum dot.


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Quantitative Strain Mapping Applied to Aberration-Corrected HAADF Images

  • Ana M. Sanchez (a1), Pedro L. Galindo (a2), Slawomir Kret (a3), Meiken Falke (a4), Richard Beanland (a5) and Peter J. Goodhew (a6)...


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