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Performance of Dynamically Simulated Reference Patterns for Cross-Correlation Electron Backscatter Diffraction

  • Brian E. Jackson (a1), Jordan J. Christensen (a1), Saransh Singh (a2), Marc De Graef (a2), David T. Fullwood (a1), Eric R. Homer (a1) and Robert H. Wagoner (a3)...


High-resolution (or “cross-correlation”) electron backscatter diffraction analysis (HR-EBSD) utilizes cross-correlation techniques to determine relative orientation and distortion of an experimental electron backscatter diffraction pattern with respect to a reference pattern. The integrity of absolute strain and tetragonality measurements of a standard Si/SiGe material have previously been analyzed using reference patterns produced by kinematical simulation. Although the results were promising, the noise levels were significantly higher for kinematically produced patterns, compared with real patterns taken from the Si region of the sample. This paper applies HR-EBSD techniques to analyze lattice distortion in an Si/SiGe sample, using recently developed dynamically simulated patterns. The results are compared with those from experimental and kinematically simulated patterns. Dynamical patterns provide significantly more precision than kinematical patterns. Dynamical patterns also provide better estimates of tetragonality at low levels of distortion relative to the reference pattern; kinematical patterns can perform better at large values of relative tetragonality due to the ability to rapidly generate patterns relating to a distorted lattice. A library of dynamically generated patterns with different lattice parameters might be used to achieve a similar advantage. The convergence of the cross-correlation approach is also assessed for the different reference pattern types.


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* Corresponding author.


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Performance of Dynamically Simulated Reference Patterns for Cross-Correlation Electron Backscatter Diffraction

  • Brian E. Jackson (a1), Jordan J. Christensen (a1), Saransh Singh (a2), Marc De Graef (a2), David T. Fullwood (a1), Eric R. Homer (a1) and Robert H. Wagoner (a3)...


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