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Nanoindentation Properties and Finite Element Analysis of the Rostrum of Cyrtotrachelus buqueti Guer (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

  • Longhai Li (a1) (a2), Ce Guo (a2), Shun Xu (a3), Yaopeng Ma (a2) and Zhiwei Yu (a2)...


This work focuses on the application of nanoindentation measurements and the finite element method for analyzing the mechanical properties of the rostrum of the outstanding driller Cyrtotrachelus buqueti Guer. Nanoindentation tests were carried out to measure the Young's modulus and hardness of the rostrum, with the results for the “dry” samples being 13.886 ± 0.75 and 0.368 ± 0.0445 GPa, respectively. The values for the “fresh” samples showed no clear difference from those of the “dry” ones. Moreover, field observation was conducted to determine the motion behaviors of the rostrum on the weevil. Micro-computed tomography technology was employed to obtain structural information about the rostrum, using 9 µm slices. A real three-dimensional model of the rostrum was created using the MIMICS application. Finally, the mechanical properties of the rostrum were determined by finite element analysis. It was concluded that the rostrum provides an ideal biological template for the design of biocomposite materials and lightweight tube-shaped structures. The properties determined in this study can potentially be applied in different fields, such as in the design of automotive hybrid transmission shafts, helicopter tail drive shafts, robotic arms, and other sandwich structures in aerospace engineering.


Corresponding author

*Author for correspondence: Ce Guo, E-mail:


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