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Microstructural Evaluation of Boron Free and Boron Containing Heat-Treated Ti-35Nb-7.2Zr-5.7Ta Alloy

  • Pallab Majumdar (a1)


The microstructure of Ti-35Nb-7.2Zr-5.7Ta (TNZT) and Ti-35Nb-7.2Zr-5.7Ta-0.5B (TNZTB) alloys under different heat treatment conditions has been analyzed. The solution-treated and water-quenched TNZT sample consists mainly of β phase with a very small amount of fine athermal ω precipitate. Precipitation of α can be observed when solution-treated samples are directly aged at 580°C for 8 h. The microstructure of the samples subjected to single-stage aging at 300°C or 400°C consists of ω precipitates in equiaxed β grains. Second stage aging at 580°C for 8 h after first stage of aging at 300°C or 400°C results in the replacement of ω precipitates by secondary α. In all of these samples, the amount of ω or α phase was very small, and therefore they could not be detected by X-ray diffraction studies. However, analysis of selected area diffraction patterns obtained from transmission electron microscopy studies confirms their presence. The addition of boron leads to the formation of dispersed precipitates of TiB in the β matrix of the TNZT alloy and also refines the β grains in the microstructure. However, other microstructural features of the TNZTB alloy are similar to those of the TNZT alloy.


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Microstructural Evaluation of Boron Free and Boron Containing Heat-Treated Ti-35Nb-7.2Zr-5.7Ta Alloy

  • Pallab Majumdar (a1)


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