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Microstructural Characterization by Automated Crystal Orientation and Phase Mapping by Precession Electron Diffraction in TEM: Application to Hot Deformation of a γ-TiAl-based Alloy

  • Vajinder Singh (a1) (a2), Chandan Mondal (a1), P. P. Bhattacharjee (a2) and P. Ghosal (a1)


Microstructural evolution of a hot deformed γ-TiAl-based Ti–45Al–8Nb–2Cr–0.2B (at.%) alloy has been studied using an advanced characterization technique called automated crystal orientation and phase mapping by precession electron diffraction carried out in a transmission electron microscope (with a NanoMEGAS attachment). It has been observed that the technique, having a capability to recognize diffraction patterns with improved accuracy and reliability, is particularly suitable for characterization of complex microstructural features evolved during hot deformation of multiphase (α2 + γ + β)-based TiAl alloys. Examples of coupled orientations and phase maps of the present alloy demonstrate that the accurate reproduction of the very fine lamellar structure (α2 + γ + γ) is feasible due to its inherent high-spatial resolution and absence of a pseudo-symmetry effect. It enables identification of salient features of γ-TiAl deformation behavior in terms of misorientation analyses (GAM, GOS, and KAM) and transformation characteristics of very fine lamellar constituent phases. Apart from conventional strain analyses from the orientation database, an attempt has been made to image the dislocation sub-structure of γ-phases, which supplements the deformation structure evaluation using this new technique.


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Microstructural Characterization by Automated Crystal Orientation and Phase Mapping by Precession Electron Diffraction in TEM: Application to Hot Deformation of a γ-TiAl-based Alloy

  • Vajinder Singh (a1) (a2), Chandan Mondal (a1), P. P. Bhattacharjee (a2) and P. Ghosal (a1)


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