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Histological and Stereological Characterization of Brown Trout (Salmo trutta f. fario) Trunk Kidney

  • Albina D. Resende (a1) (a2), Alexandre Lobo-da-Cunha (a1) (a3), Fernanda Malhão (a1) (a3), Filipa Franquinho (a2), Rogério A.F. Monteiro (a1) (a3) and Eduardo Rocha (a1) (a3)...


The large variability in kidney morphology among fish makes it difficult to build a “universal” model on its function and structure. Therefore, a morphological study of brown trout trunk kidney was performed, considering potential seasonal and sex effects. Three-year-old specimens of both sexes were collected at four stages of their reproductive cycle. Kidney was processed for light and electron microscopy. The relative volumes of renal components, such as renal corpuscles and different nephron tubules, were estimated by stereological methods. Qualitatively, the general nephron structure of brown trout was similar to that described for other glomerular teleost species. Quantitatively, however, differences in the relative volume of some renal components were detected between sexes and among seasons. Particularly, highest values of vacuolized tubules and new growing tubules were observed after spawning, being more relevant in females. Despite seasonal changes, more linear correlations were found between those parameters and the reno-somatic index than the gonado-somatic index. Thus, we verified that some brown trout renal components undergo sex dependent seasonal variations, suggesting a morphological adaptation of the components to accomplish physiological needs. These findings constitute a baseline for launching studies to know which factors govern the morphological variations and their functional consequences.


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Histological and Stereological Characterization of Brown Trout (Salmo trutta f. fario) Trunk Kidney

  • Albina D. Resende (a1) (a2), Alexandre Lobo-da-Cunha (a1) (a3), Fernanda Malhão (a1) (a3), Filipa Franquinho (a2), Rogério A.F. Monteiro (a1) (a3) and Eduardo Rocha (a1) (a3)...


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