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Fabrication of Atom Probe Tomography Specimens from Nanoparticles Using a Fusible Bi–In–Sn Alloy as an Embedding Medium

  • Se-Ho Kim (a1), Ji Yeong Lee (a2), Jae-Pyoung Ahn (a2) and Pyuck-Pa Choi (a1)


We propose a new method for preparing atom probe tomography specimens from nanoparticles using a fusible bismuth–indium–tin alloy as an embedding medium. Iron nanoparticles synthesized by the sodium borohydride reduction method were chosen as a model system. The as-synthesized iron nanoparticles were embedded within the fusible alloy using focused ion beam milling and ion-milled to needle-shaped atom probe specimens under cryogenic conditions. An atom probe analysis revealed boron atoms in a detected iron nanoparticle, indicating that boron from the sodium borohydride reductant was incorporated into the nanoparticle during its synthesis.


Corresponding author

*Author for correspondence: Pyuck-Pa Choi, E-mail:


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Fabrication of Atom Probe Tomography Specimens from Nanoparticles Using a Fusible Bi–In–Sn Alloy as an Embedding Medium

  • Se-Ho Kim (a1), Ji Yeong Lee (a2), Jae-Pyoung Ahn (a2) and Pyuck-Pa Choi (a1)


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