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Design and Application of a Novel In Situ Nano-Manipulation Stage for Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • Bon-Woong Koo (a1), Seung-Pyo Hong (a1), Seong-Il Kim (a1), Chan S. Kang (a1), Sang-Sub Han (a1), Kyu H. Oh (a1) and Young-Woon Kim (a1)...


A novel nano-scale manipulator capable of handling low-dimensional materials with three-dimensional linear motion, gripping action, and push–pull action of the gripper was developed for an in situ experiment in transmission electron microscopy. X-Y-Z positioning and push–pull action were accomplished by a piezotubing system, combined with a specially designed assembly stage that consisted of a lever-action gripping tip backed by a push–pull piezostack. The gripper tip consisted of tungsten wire fabricated by electrochemical etching followed by a focused ion beam process. Performance of the nano-scale manipulator was demonstrated in a grab-and-pick test of a single silver nanowire and in an in situ tensile test of a pearlitic steel sample with a specific orientation.


Corresponding author

* Corresponding author.


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