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Comparison of Simulated and Experimental Order Parameters in FePt—II

  • Karen L. Torres (a1), Richard R. Vanfleet (a2) and Gregory B. Thompson (a1)


Eight FePt thin film specimens of various thicknesses, compositions, and order parameters have been analyzed to determine the robustness and fidelity of multislice simulations in determining the chemical order parameter via electron diffraction (ED). The shape of the simulated curves depends significantly on the orientation and thickness of the specimen. The ED results are compared to kinematical scattering order parameters, from the same films, acquired from synchrotron X-ray diffraction (XRD). For the specimens analyzed with convergent beam electron diffraction conditions, the order parameter closely matched the order parameter as determined by the XRD methodology. However, the specimens analyzed by selected area electron diffraction conditions did not show good agreement. This has been attributed to substrate effects that hindered the ability to accurately quantify the intensity values of the superlattice and fundamental reflections.


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