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Comparing the Consistency of Atom Probe Tomography Measurements of Small-Scale Segregation and Clustering Between the LEAP 3000 and LEAP 5000 Instruments

  • Tomas L. Martin (a1), Andrew J. London (a1), Benjamin Jenkins (a1), Sarah E. Hopkin (a1), James O. Douglas (a1), Paul D. Styman (a2), Paul A. J. Bagot (a1) and Michael P. Moody (a1)...


The local electrode atom probe (LEAP) has become the primary instrument used for atom probe tomography measurements. Recent advances in detector and laser design, together with updated hit detection algorithms, have been incorporated into the latest LEAP 5000 instrument, but the implications of these changes on measurements, particularly the size and chemistry of small clusters and elemental segregations, have not been explored. In this study, we compare data sets from a variety of materials with small-scale chemical heterogeneity using both a LEAP 3000 instrument with 37% detector efficiency and a 532-nm green laser and a new LEAP 5000 instrument with a manufacturer estimated increase to 52% detector efficiency, and a 355-nm ultraviolet laser. In general, it was found that the number of atoms within small clusters or surface segregation increased in the LEAP 5000, as would be expected by the reported increase in detector efficiency from the LEAP 3000 architecture, but subtle differences in chemistry were observed which are attributed to changes in the way multiple hit detection is calculated using the LEAP 5000.


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* Corresponding author.


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Comparing the Consistency of Atom Probe Tomography Measurements of Small-Scale Segregation and Clustering Between the LEAP 3000 and LEAP 5000 Instruments

  • Tomas L. Martin (a1), Andrew J. London (a1), Benjamin Jenkins (a1), Sarah E. Hopkin (a1), James O. Douglas (a1), Paul D. Styman (a2), Paul A. J. Bagot (a1) and Michael P. Moody (a1)...


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