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Atom Scale Characterization of the Near Apex Region of an Atomic Force Microscope Tip

  • Christopher J. Tourek (a1) and Sriram Sundararajan (a1)


Three-dimensional atom probe tomography (APT) is successfully used to analyze the near-apex regions of an atomic force microscope (AFM) tip. Atom scale material structure and chemistry from APT analysis for standard silicon AFM tips and silicon AFM tips coated with a thin film of Cu is presented. Comparison of the thin film data with that observed using transmission electron microscopy indicates that APT can be reliably used to investigate the material structure and chemistry of the apex of an AFM tip at near atomic scales.


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Atom Scale Characterization of the Near Apex Region of an Atomic Force Microscope Tip

  • Christopher J. Tourek (a1) and Sriram Sundararajan (a1)


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