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Atom Probe Compositional Analysis of Interphase Precipitated Nano-Sized Alloy Carbide in Multiple Microalloyed Low-Carbon Steels

  • Yongjie Zhang (a1), Goro Miyamoto (a1) and Tadashi Furuhara (a1)


The composition of nano-sized alloy carbides formed by interphase precipitation in V–Nb and V–Ti multiple microalloyed low-carbon steels is analyzed by using three-dimensional atom probe. Carbide-forming alloying elements including V, Nb, and Ti, are simultaneously precipitated from the early stage of isothermal treatment, whose atoms are uniformly distributed in the carbide particles, even after prolonged holding. Cluster analysis by the maximum separation method, with parameters optimized using different methods, is carried out to extract alloy carbides from matrix. The composition of alloy carbides evaluated by site fraction of substitutional carbide-forming alloying elements indicates that at the early stage of their formation, Nb and Ti are more strongly enriched than V.


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Atom Probe Compositional Analysis of Interphase Precipitated Nano-Sized Alloy Carbide in Multiple Microalloyed Low-Carbon Steels

  • Yongjie Zhang (a1), Goro Miyamoto (a1) and Tadashi Furuhara (a1)


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