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An Automated Computational Approach for Complete In-Plane Compositional Interface Analysis by Atom Probe Tomography

  • Zirong Peng (a1), Yifeng Lu (a2), Constantinos Hatzoglou (a3), Alisson Kwiatkowski da Silva (a1), Francois Vurpillot (a3), Dirk Ponge (a1), Dierk Raabe (a1) and Baptiste Gault (a1)...


We introduce an efficient, automated computational approach for analyzing interfaces within atom probe tomography datasets, enabling quantitative mapping of their thickness, composition, as well as the Gibbsian interfacial excess of each solute. Detailed evaluation of an experimental dataset indicates that compared with the composition map, the interfacial excess map is more robust and exhibits a relatively higher resolution to reveal compositional variations. By field evaporation simulations with a predefined emitter mimicking the experimental dataset, the impact of trajectory aberrations on the measurement of the thickness, composition, and interfacial excess of the decorated interface are systematically analyzed and discussed.


Corresponding author

*Author for correspondence: Yifeng Lu, E-mail:; Baptiste Gault, E-mail:


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An Automated Computational Approach for Complete In-Plane Compositional Interface Analysis by Atom Probe Tomography

  • Zirong Peng (a1), Yifeng Lu (a2), Constantinos Hatzoglou (a3), Alisson Kwiatkowski da Silva (a1), Francois Vurpillot (a3), Dirk Ponge (a1), Dierk Raabe (a1) and Baptiste Gault (a1)...


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