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Inclusions, lining materials and nozzle clogging during middle carbon steel billet continuous casting process

  • Shihong Liu, Xinhua Wang, Xiangjun Zuo, Yufeng Wang, Lifeng Zhang, Shizhen Niu, Mei Liang and Chunzeng Li...


The clogging of the Submerged Entry Nozzle (SEN) during billet continuous casting of mid-carbon steel is studied. Clogging materials and inclusions in steel samples taken at ladles, tundish and billets are investigated. The total oxygen on the whole section of the billet is measured. Steel cleanliness at unsteady casting states, including cast start, ladle change, SEN change, cast end, and the special unsteady pouring period induced by SEN clogging, are studied. Fluid flow and inclusion motion and entrapment to SEN surface are also simulated.



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