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Domains of commutative C*-subalgebras

  • Chris Heunen (a1) and Bert Lindenhovius (a2)


A C*-algebra is determined to a great extent by the partial order of its commutative C*-subalgebras. We study order-theoretic properties of this directed-complete partially ordered (dcpo). Many properties coincide: the dcpo is, equivalently, algebraic, continuous, meet-continuous, atomistic, quasi-algebraic or quasi-continuous, if and only if the C*-algebra is scattered. For C*-algebras with enough projections, these properties are equivalent to finite-dimensionality. Approximately finite-dimensional elements of the dcpo correspond to Boolean subalgebras of the projections of the C*-algebra. Scattered C*-algebras are finitedimensional if and only if their dcpo is Lawson-scattered. General C*-algebras are finite-dimensional if and only if their dcpo is order-scattered.


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