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Two-Dimensional Potential Problems

  • Rosa M. Morris (a1)


The solution of problems in two-dimensional potential theory depends, generally speaking, on the discovery of a conformal transformation suitable for the particular region involved, and the degree of success in the applicability of the method seems to be seriously limited by the complexity of the transformation. Only one serious attempt seems to have been made, by W. G. Bickley*, to formulate a general theory coordinating the different types of boundary value problem for general and inclusive classes of curves, but Bickley's analysis is somewhat involved and not very suitable for certain types of problem. In a re-examination of the subject on the basis of certain suggestions made to me by Prof. Livens, I have discovered what appears to be a much simpler and equally general method of formulating directly the solution for a comprehensive class of problem dealing with simple closed cylinders with curved or rectilinear boundaries, and including all those cases for which solutions are known. In its theoretical aspects the method seems to be perfectly general, but to put it into practice it is necessary to determine explicitly the particular form for the conformal transformation of the space outside the cross-section of the cylinder to the space outside a circle with the points at infinity coinciding.



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* Conforming to the usual practice a bar over a letter denotes the conjugate complex quantity.


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