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Isomorphic embeddings of l1(Г) into subspaces of C(Ω)*

  • Spiros A. Argyros (a1) and Athanasios Tsarpalias (a1)


Introduction. The embeddability of l1(Γ), for uncountable sets Γ, into subspaces of Banach spaces of the form C(Ω) was investigated first by Hagler in (6) and subsequently by Haydon in (7), (8) and Argyros and Negrepontis in (1). An important role in the development of the above subject is played by a lemma of Rosenthal (12) that translates the functional analytic problem of finding a family {fξ: ξ Γ} of elements of C(Ω) equivalent to the usual basis of l1(Γ) into the problem of the existence of an independent family {(Aξ, Bξ,): ξ є Γ} of closed subsets.



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Isomorphic embeddings of l1(Г) into subspaces of C(Ω)*

  • Spiros A. Argyros (a1) and Athanasios Tsarpalias (a1)


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