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Flexural problems of circular ring plates and sectorial plates. I

  • W. A. Bassali (a1) and M. A. Gorgui (a1)


In this paper explicit expressions in closed forms are first obtained for the complex potentials and deflexion at any point of a circular annular plate under various edge conditions when the plate is acted upon by general line loadings distributed along the circumference of a concentric circle. These solutions are then used to discuss the bending of a circular plate with a central hole under a concentrated load or a concentrated couple acting at any point of the plate. Solutions for singularly loaded sectorial plates bounded by two arcs of concentric circles and two radii are also derived when the plate is simply supported along the straight edges. The boundary conditions along the circular edges include the cases of a free boundary as well as the elastically restrained boundary which covers the usual rigidly clamped and simply supported boundaries as special cases. The usual restrictions relating to the small deflexion theory of thin plates of constant thickness are assumed. Limiting forms of the resulting solutions are investigated.



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