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Extensions of tensor categories by finite group fusion categories

  • SONIA NATALE (a1) (a2) and CIEM – CONICET (a1) (a2)


We study exact sequences of finite tensor categories of the form Rep G → 𝒞 → 𝒟, where G is a finite group. We show that, under suitable assumptions, there exists a group Γ and mutual actions by permutations ⊳ : Γ × GG and ⊲ : Γ × G→ Γ that make (G, Γ) into matched pair of groups endowed with a natural crossed action on 𝒟 such that 𝒞 is equivalent to a certain associated crossed extension 𝒟(G,Γ) of 𝒟. Dually, we show that an exact sequence of finite tensor categories VecG → 𝒞 → 𝒟 induces an Aut(G)-grading on 𝒞 whose neutral homogeneous component is a (Z(G), Γ)-crossed extension of a tensor subcategory of 𝒟. As an application we prove that such extensions 𝒞 of 𝒟 are weakly group-theoretical fusion categories if and only if 𝒟 is a weakly group-theoretical fusion category. In particular, we conclude that every semisolvable semisimple Hopf algebra is weakly group-theoretical.



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Partially supported by CONICET and SeCYT–UNC.



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MSC classification

Extensions of tensor categories by finite group fusion categories

  • SONIA NATALE (a1) (a2) and CIEM – CONICET (a1) (a2)


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