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Cubulating one-relator groups with torsion

  • JOSEPH LAUER (a1) and DANIEL T. WISE (a1)


Let 〈a1, . . ., amwn〉 be a presentation of a group G, where n ≥ 2. We define a system of codimension-1 subspaces in the universal cover, and invoke Sageev's construction to produce an action of G on a CAT(0) cube complex. We show that the action is proper and cocompact when n ≥ 4. A fundamental tool is a geometric generalization of Pride's C(2n) small-cancellation result. We prove similar results for staggered groups with torsion.



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Cubulating one-relator groups with torsion

  • JOSEPH LAUER (a1) and DANIEL T. WISE (a1)


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