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Analytic spread and non-vanishing of asymptotic depth



Let S be a polynomial ring over a field K of characteristic zero and let MS be an ideal given as an intersection of powers of incomparable monomial prime ideals (e.g., the case where M is a squarefree monomial ideal). In this paper we provide a very effective, sufficient condition for a monomial prime ideal PS containing M be such that the localisation M P has non-maximal analytic spread. Our technique describes, in fact, a concrete obstruction for P to be an asymptotic prime divisor of M with respect to the integral closure filtration, allowing us to employ a theorem of McAdam as a bridge to analytic spread. As an application, we derive – with the aid of results of Brodmann and Eisenbud-Huneke – a situation where the asymptotic and conormal asymptotic depths cannot vanish locally at such primes.



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Analytic spread and non-vanishing of asymptotic depth



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