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Raman study of Ga1−xAlxN solid solutions

  • F. Demangeot (a1), J. Groenen (a1), J. Frandon (a1), M. A. Renucci (a1), Olivier Briot (a2), S. Ruffenach-Clur (a2) and Roger-Louis Aulombard (a2)...


Long wavelength optical phonons of AlxGa1−xN solid solutions have been identified in the whole compositional range by Raman spectroscopy. The frequencies of A1 and E1 polar phonons increase continuously with x from one-member crystal to the other. A generalization of the dielectric model of Hon and Faust is used to treat the coupling of the longitudinal optic (LO) mode. This approach accounts for the observed frequencies and confirms the so-called one-mode behaviour of polar LO phonons. Moreover,a signature of the coupling of a discrete mode (tentatively associated to silent q=0 B1 mode) with an unidentified continuum has been obtained.



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