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Yellowline arrow crab Stenorhynchus seticornis (Brachyura: Majidae) acting as a cleaner of reef fish, eastern Brazil

  • Diego V. Medeiros (a1), José de Anchieta C.C. Nunes (a2) (a3), José Amorim Reis-Filho (a2) (a4) and Cláudio L.S. Sampaio (a5)


This paper reports the yellowline arrow crab, Stenorhynchus seticornis, acting as cleaner of longjaw squirrelfish, Holocentrus adscencionis moray eels Gymnothorax funebris, G. moringa, G. vicinus and squirrelfish Holocentrus adscencionis at two reefs in the Baía de Todos os Santos, Bahia State, eastern Brazil. We believe that other species of reef fish are potential ‘clients’ of yellowline arrow crab and that this activity occurs throughout its distribution.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: D.V. Medeiros, Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Campus IV, Centro de Ciẽncias Aplicadas e Edução Rua da Mangueira, S/no Centro, 58. 297-000, Rio Tinto, PB, Brazil email:


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Yellowline arrow crab Stenorhynchus seticornis (Brachyura: Majidae) acting as a cleaner of reef fish, eastern Brazil

  • Diego V. Medeiros (a1), José de Anchieta C.C. Nunes (a2) (a3), José Amorim Reis-Filho (a2) (a4) and Cláudio L.S. Sampaio (a5)


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