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A new record of Cephalopholis taeniops in the Mediterranean Sea, with considerations on the Sicily channel as a biogeographical crossroad of exotic fish

  • P. Guidetti (a1), F. Giardina (a2) and E. Azzurro (a3)


The record of several individuals of the African hind Cephalopholis taeniops from Lampedusa Island (Italy) is here reported, with discussion on the biogeographical importance of the Sicily channel as a crossroad for exotic fish of Atlantic and Indo-pacific origin.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: P. Guidetti, Laboratory of Zoology and Marine Biology, DiSTeBA, CoNISMa, University of Salento, 73100 Lecce, Italy email:


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A new record of Cephalopholis taeniops in the Mediterranean Sea, with considerations on the Sicily channel as a biogeographical crossroad of exotic fish

  • P. Guidetti (a1), F. Giardina (a2) and E. Azzurro (a3)


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