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A new leprose Leprocaulon (Ascomycota, Leprocaulales) from Great Britain

  • Alan ORANGE (a1), Peter M. EARLAND-BENNETT (a2), Christopher J. B. HITCH (a3) and Mark POWELL (a4)


Leprocaulon calcicola is described as new from walls in SE England; it is leprose, pale to mid blue-grey, and contains zeorin and usnic acid. It differs from L. knudsenii from North America in its habitat on mortared walls rather than non-calcareous rock and in its ITS sequence. ‘Lecanoraecorticata differs in the yellower colour, and the presence of unidentified fatty acids and traces of unknown terpenoids (but not zeorin) by thin-layer chromatography. Leprose lichens with usnic acid are still poorly known and sequencing must be used to support morphological and chemical studies.



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A new leprose Leprocaulon (Ascomycota, Leprocaulales) from Great Britain

  • Alan ORANGE (a1), Peter M. EARLAND-BENNETT (a2), Christopher J. B. HITCH (a3) and Mark POWELL (a4)


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