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James Heckman's Contributions to the Study of Law, Economics, and Public Policy

  • Austan Goolsbee



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Heckman, James J. 1998. What Should Be Our Human Capital Investment Policy Fiscal Studies 19 (2): 103–19.
Heckman, James J. 2000. The Cost of Job Security Regulation: Evidence from Latin American Labor Markets, National Bureau of Economic Research working paper no. 7773.
Heckman, James J. 2001. Microdata, Heterogeneity, and the Evaluation of Public Policy. Journal of Political Economy 109 (4): 673748.
Heckman, James J., and Evans, David. 1983. Multiproduct Cost Function Estimates and Natural Monopoly Tests for the Bell System. In Breaking up Bell: Essays on Industrial Organization and Regulation, ed. Evans, David, 253–82. Amsterdam: North Holland.
Heckman, James J., and Evans, David. 1984. A Test for Subadditivity of the Cost Function with an Application to the U. S. Bell System. American Economic Review, Sept., 615–23.
Heckman, James J., Neil Hohmann, Michael Khoo, and Smith, Jeffrey. 2000. Substitution Bias in Social Experiments: Evidence from the National JTPA Study. Quarterly Journal of Economics 115 (2): 651–94.
Heckman, James J., Lalonde, Robert, and Smith, Jeffrey. 1999. The Economics and Econometrics of Active Labor Market Programs. In Card, A. D., eds., Handbook of Labor Economics. Vol. 3. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science.
Heckman, James J., and Snyder, James. 1997. Linear Probability Models of the Demand for Attributes with an Empirical Application to Estimating the Preferences of Legislators. Rand Journal of Economics 28 (#0): S142S189.


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