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Trends in stimulated Brillouin scattering and optical phase conjugation

  • M. Ostermeyer (a1), H.J. Kong (a2), V.I. Kovalev (a3) (a4), R.G. Harrison (a3), A.A. Fotiadi (a5) (a6), P. Mégret (a5), M. Kalal (a7), O. Slezak (a7), J.W. Yoon (a2), J.S. Shin (a2), D.H. Beak (a2), S.K. Lee (a8), Z. Lü (a9), S. Wang (a9), D. Lin (a9), J.C. Knight (a10), N.E. Kotova (a4), A. Sträßer (a1), A. Scheikh-Obeid (a1), T. Riesbeck (a11), S. Meister (a11), H.J. Eichler (a11), Y. Wang (a9), W. He (a9), H. Yoshida (a12), H. Fujita (a12), M. Nakatsuka (a12), T. Hatae (a13), H. Park (a14), C. Lim (a14), T. Omatsu (a15) (a16), K. Nawata (a15), N. Shiba (a15), O.L. Antipov (a17), M.S. Kuznetsov (a17) and N.G. Zakharov (a17)...


An overview on current trends in stimulated Brillouin scattering and optical phase conjugation is given. This report is based on the results of the “Second International Workshop on stimulated Brillouin scattering and phase conjugation” held in Potsdam/Germany in September 2007. The properties of stimulated Brillouin scattering are presented for the compensation of phase distortions in combination with novel laser technology like ceramics materials but also for e.g., phase stabilization, beam combination, and slow light. Photorefractive nonlinear mirrors and resonant refractive index gratings are addressed as phase conjugating mirrors in addition.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Martin Ostermeyer, University of Potsdam, Institute of Physics, Nonlinear Optics and Experimental Quantum Information Processing, Am Neuen Palais 10, 14469 Potsdam, Germany. E-mail:


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Trends in stimulated Brillouin scattering and optical phase conjugation

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