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Trapping of electromagnetic radiation in self-generated and preformed cavities

  • Shixia Luan (a1), Wei Yu (a1), Jingwei Wang (a1), Mingyang Yu (a2), Suming Weng (a3), Masakatsu Murakami (a3), Jingwei Wang (a3), Han Xu (a4) and Hongbin Zhuo (a4)...


Laser light trapping in cavities in near-critical density plasmas is studied by two-dimensional particle-in-cell simulation. The laser ponderomotive force can create in the plasma a vacuum cavity bounded by a thin overcritical-density wall. The laser light is self-consistently trapped as a half-cycle electromagnetic wave in the form of an oscillon-caviton structure until it is slowly depleted through interaction with the cavity wall. When the near-critical density plasma contains a preformed cavity, laser light can become a standing wave in the latter. The trapped light is characterized as multi-peak structure. The overdense plasma wall around the self-generated and preformed cavities induced by the laser ponderomotive force is found to be crucial for pulse trapping. Once this wall forms, the trapped pulse can hardly penetrate.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Shixia Luan, No.390, Qinghe Road, Jiading, Shanghai, 201800, China. E-mail:


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Trapping of electromagnetic radiation in self-generated and preformed cavities

  • Shixia Luan (a1), Wei Yu (a1), Jingwei Wang (a1), Mingyang Yu (a2), Suming Weng (a3), Masakatsu Murakami (a3), Jingwei Wang (a3), Han Xu (a4) and Hongbin Zhuo (a4)...


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