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Surface wave excitation by a density modulated electron beam in a magnetized dusty plasma cylinder

  • Ved Prakash (a1), Suresh C. Sharma (a2), Vijayshri (a1) and Ruby Gupta (a3)


This paper studies the surface plasma wave excitation via Cerenkov and fast cyclotron interaction by a density modulated electron beam propagating through a magnetized dusty plasma cylinder. The dispersion relation of surface plasma waves has been derived and it has been shown that the phase velocity of waves increases with increase in relative density δ(= nio/ne0, where ni0 is the ion plasma density and ne0 is the electron plasma density) of negatively charged dust grains. The beam radius is taken slightly less than the radius of dusty plasma cylinder. The frequency and the growth rate of the unstable wave instability increases with increase in the value of δ and normalized frequency ω/ωpe. The growth rate of the instability increases with the beam density and scales as one-third power of the beam density in Cerenkov interaction and square root of beam density in fast cyclotron interaction. The dispersion relation of surface plasma waves has been retrieved from the derived dispersion relation by considering that the beam is absent and there are no dust grains in the plasma cylinder.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Ved Prakash, India Meteorological Department, Ministry of Earth Science, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110 003, India. E-mail:


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Surface wave excitation by a density modulated electron beam in a magnetized dusty plasma cylinder

  • Ved Prakash (a1), Suresh C. Sharma (a2), Vijayshri (a1) and Ruby Gupta (a3)


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