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Recent experiments on the hydrodynamics of laser-produced plasmas conducted at the PALS laboratory

  • D. BATANI (a1), R. DEZULIAN (a1), R. REDAELLI (a1), R. BENOCCI (a1), H. STABILE (a1), F. CANOVA (a1), T. DESAI (a1), G. LUCCHINI (a1), E. KROUSKY (a2), K. MASEK (a2), M. PFEIFER (a2), J. SKALA (a2), R. DUDZAK (a2), B. RUS (a2), J. ULLSCHMIED (a2), V. MALKA (a3), J. FAURE (a3), M. KOENIG (a4), J. LIMPOUCH (a5), W. NAZAROV (a6), D. PEPLER (a7), K. NAGAI (a8), T. NORIMATSU (a8) and H. NISHIMURA (a8)...


We present a series of experimental results, and their interpretation, connected to various aspects of the hydrodynamics of laser produced plasmas. Experiments were performed using the Prague PALS iodine laser working at 0.44 μm wavelength and irradiances up to a few 1014 W/cm2. By adopting large focal spots and smoothed laser beams, the lateral energy transport and lateral expansion have been avoided. Therefore we could reach a quasi one-dimensional regime for which experimental results can be more easily and properly compared to available analytical models.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Dimitri Batani, Dipartimento di Fisica “G. Occhialini,” University of Milano Bicocca, Milan, Italy. E-mail:


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