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Ray-tracing simulations of a bent crystal X-ray optics for imaging using laser–plasma X-ray sources

  • L. LABATE (a1) (a2), M. GALIMBERTI (a1), A. GIULIETTI (a1), D. GIULIETTI (a1) (a3), L.A. GIZZI (a1), P. KÖSTER (a1), S. LAVILLE (a1) and P. TOMASSINI (a1)...


Ray-tracing simulations of an optical X-ray system based on a spherically bent crystal operating in Bragg configuration for monochromatic projection imaging of thin samples are presented, obtained using a code developed for that purpose. The code is particularly suited for characterizing experimental arrangements routinely used with laser-produced plasma X-ray sources. In particular, the spatial resolution of the imaging system was investigated and a careful study of the complex pattern of the X-ray backlighting beam was performed.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: L. Labate, Intense Laser Irradiation Laboratory–IPCF (CNR), Pisa, Italy. E-mail:


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