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Parametric excitation of surface plasma waves by stimulated Compton scattering of laser beam at metal-free space interface

  • D. Goel (a1), P. Chauhan (a1), A. Varshney (a1) and V. Sajal (a1)


An obliquely incident high-power laser (ω0, k 0z ) on the metallic surface can resonantly excite a surface plasma wave (SPW) (ω1, k 1z ) and a quasi-electrostatic plasma wave (ω, k z) inside the skin layer at the phase-matching conditions of frequency ω1 = ω − ω0 and wave number k 1z = k z k 0z . The oscillating electrons in the skin layer couples with the seed SPW and exert non-linear ponderomotive force on electrons at the frequency of quasi-static mode. Density perturbations due to quasi-static mode and ponderomotive force associate with the motion of electrons (due to incident laser) and give rise to a non-linear current by feedback mechanism. At ω/k z ~ v F (where v F is the Fermi velocity of metal) this non-linear current is responsible for the growth of SPW. The maximum growth of the present process (≅1.5 × 1012 s−1) is achieved at incident angle θ = 42° for laser frequency ω0 = 2 × 1015 rad/s. Growth of SPW enhances from 1.62 × 1011 to ≅1.5 × 1012 s−1 as the magnetic field changes from 12 to 24 MG. The excited SPW can be utilized for surface heating and diagnostics purpose.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: V. Sajal, Department of Physics and Material Science and Engineering, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida-201307, Uttar Pradesh, India. E-mail:


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Parametric excitation of surface plasma waves by stimulated Compton scattering of laser beam at metal-free space interface

  • D. Goel (a1), P. Chauhan (a1), A. Varshney (a1) and V. Sajal (a1)


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