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On a theory of stimulated scattering in laser plasmas

  • Miloš M. Škorić (a1)


A linear parametric theory of laser light instabilities including decay, stimulated Raman and Brillouin scattering, etc. is currently well developed. However, attention is drawn to a novel laser light instability against parametric excitation of magneto-static fluctuations. In a collisionless plasma regime, magneto-static fields are driven by the ponderomotive electron magnetization current. Generally, two types of magneto-static instabilities exist: magneto-modulational instability and stimulated magneto-static scattering instability. Growth rates are calculated which indicate the possible importance for high laser intensity driven hot plasma regimes.



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On a theory of stimulated scattering in laser plasmas

  • Miloš M. Škorić (a1)


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