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Numerical investigation of the influence of wavefront distortion on the laser near-field characteristics

  • S. Li (a1) (a2), Z. Lu (a2), X. Fan (a3) and L. Ding (a4)


The effect of the initial phase distortion of the laser on near-field transmission characteristics in free space is investigated both numerically and theoretically. It is demonstrated and proposed that the near-field modulation and fluence contrast of the output laser beam are changing with the increase of both spatial low- and high-frequency wavefront distortion. The simulation results show that in order to ensure the beam quality in propagation, the Fresnel number should be controlled not <50 generally and the wavefront distortion should also be minimized by controlling both low- and high-frequency phase coefficient not larger than 0.6.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: S. Li, Science and Technology on Electro-Optical Information Security Control Laboratory, Tianjin 300308, China. E-mail:


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