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Laser focusing and multiple ionization of Ar in a hydrogen plasma channel created by a pre-pulse

  • Updesh Verma (a1) and A.K. Sharma (a1)


A model for plasma channel formation by a laser pre-pulse in a low Z gas (Hydrogen) embedded with high Z atoms (Ar) is developed. The laser of intensity I ≅ 1014 W/cm2 ionizes hydrogen atoms fully whereas Ar atoms are ionized only singly. After the first pulse is gone, plasma expands on the time scale of a nanosecond to produce a hydrogen plasma channel with minimum density on the axis. A second intense short pulse laser of intensity I ≥ 1016 W/cm2 gets focused. It tunnel ionizes the remaining Ar. The Ar acquires Ar8+ charge state after loosing 8 ions and acquires Ne like configuration and could emit X-rays.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Updesh Verma, Center for Energy Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi-110016, India. E-mail:


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Laser focusing and multiple ionization of Ar in a hydrogen plasma channel created by a pre-pulse

  • Updesh Verma (a1) and A.K. Sharma (a1)


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