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High-intensity pulsed ion beam focusing by its own space charge

  • X.P. Zhu (a1), Q. Zhang (a1), L. Ding (a1), C.C. Zhang (a1), Yu. Isakova (a2), A. Prima (a2), A. Pushkarev (a1) (a2) and M.K. Lei (a1)...


The paper presents the results of a study on propagation and focusing of high-intensity pulsed ion beams, produced by a self-magnetically insulated diode of semi-cylindrical geometry at the TEMP-6 accelerator (120 ns, 200–250 kV). We examined the space-charge neutralization of the beam, the energy density in the focus, the divergence of the beam, and its shot-to-shot displacement in the focal plane. It is found that the concentration of low-energy electrons in the beam is 1.3–1.5 times higher than the concentration of ions. We observed additional ion focusing by its own space charge. With an increase in the density of the net negative (electrons and ions) charge of the beam from 3.6 to 9 µC/cm2, the total divergence (the sum of the beam divergence in the vertical and horizontal planes) decreases from 11.4 to 4.5°. It leads to an increase in the energy density in the focus from 4 up to 10–12 J/cm2. To increase the electrons concentration in the beam, a metal grid installed in the ion beam transport region was used.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Yu. Isakova, Tomsk Polytechnic University, 30, Lenin Ave, 634050 Tomsk, Russia. E-mail:


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