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Generation of attosecond X-ray pulses via Thomson scattering of counter-propagating laser pulses

  • L. Liu (a1), C.-Q. Xia (a1), J.-S. Liu (a1), W.-T. Wang (a1), Y. Cai (a1), C. Wang (a1), R.-X. Li (a1) and Z.-Z. Xu (a1)...


It is proposed that single attosecond pulses be generated via electron's Thomson scattering of two counter-propagating laser pulses. In the case of linear polarization, the generation of a single attosecond pulse is highly sensitive to the carrier envelope phase (CEP). However, in the case of circular polarization, it is completely independent on the CEP, which will make circular polarization favorable to generate a stable attosecond X-ray pulse. For either linear or circular polarization, the radiation obtained by using two counter-propagating pulses can be much more intense than that obtained by only using one of these two pulses.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: J.-S. Liu, State key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physics, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. P.O. Box 800-211, Shanghai 201800, People's Republic of China. E-mail:


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Generation of attosecond X-ray pulses via Thomson scattering of counter-propagating laser pulses

  • L. Liu (a1), C.-Q. Xia (a1), J.-S. Liu (a1), W.-T. Wang (a1), Y. Cai (a1), C. Wang (a1), R.-X. Li (a1) and Z.-Z. Xu (a1)...


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