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Formation of an elongated plasma column by a magnetic confinement of a laser-produced plasma

  • T. Pisarczyk (a1), A. Faryński (a1), H. Fiedorowicz (a1), P. Gogolewski (a1), M. Kuśnierz (a1), J. Makowski (a1), R. Miklaszewski (a1), M. Mroczkowski (a1), P. Parys (a1) and M. Szczurek (a1)...


In this article, we present the formation of an elongated plasma column by combining a laser plasma with an external magnetic field. The laser plasma is produced by irradiating solid targets with a focused Nd-glass laser. The targets were placed on the axis of the two, single-turn magnetic coils, which provided a magnetic field up to 500 kg in the target region. The expanding laser plasma is confined by the magnetic field and an elongated and uniform plasma column is formed on the axis of the coils. The plasma column emits strong, soft X-ray radiation. The pinhole photographs show that the plasma column is at least 5 mm long. To study the interaction of the expanding laser plasma with a magnetic field, the laser probing diagnostic was used.



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