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Formation of a waveguide having the ultimately small cross-section due to self-consistent propagation of a highly intensive laser beam (1018 W/cm2) with duration of 100 ps in an overdense plasma

  • G.G. KOCHEMASOV (a1), L.S. MKHITARYAN (a1) and B.A. VOINOV (a1)


Here we study the problem of a focused laser beam propagation in plasma with the initial density, which is much higher than the critical one. The Helmholtz equations, together with the equations of single fluid hydrodynamics, with the relativistic ponderomotive force were solved. It was shown that the stable waveguide with the cross-section of wavelength size was formed when plasma was affected by the laser radiation with the intensity exceeding the critical one while the laser radiation pulse was as long as (10–100) ps.



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