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Distribution and abundance of nearctic–neotropical songbird migrants in a forest restoration site in southern Costa Rica

  • J. Leighton Reid (a1), J. Berton C. Harris (a2), Laura J. Martin (a3), Jacob R. Barnett (a4) and Rakan A. Zahawi (a5)...


Many ecological relationships that are inherently reciprocal are often studied from one perspective only (Agrawal et al. 2007). One example is the interaction between tropical forests and nearctic-neotropical migratory songbirds (hereafter migrants). Several studies have determined that some migrant populations are limited by conditions at their tropical wintering grounds in Central America, South America and the Caribbean (Marra et al. 1998, Mills 2006); however, the ecological role of migrants in these tropical forests is poorly understood.


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Distribution and abundance of nearctic–neotropical songbird migrants in a forest restoration site in southern Costa Rica

  • J. Leighton Reid (a1), J. Berton C. Harris (a2), Laura J. Martin (a3), Jacob R. Barnett (a4) and Rakan A. Zahawi (a5)...


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