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Seasonal distribution of coastal mesozooplankton community in relation to the environmental factors in İskenderun Bay (north-east Levantine, Mediterranean Sea)

  • Tuba Terbiyik Kurt (a1) and Sevim Polat (a1)


Mesozooplankton was studied during 2008 in coastal waters of the İskenderun Bay in order to determine seasonal changes in abundance, biomass, community structure and their relationship with environmental factors. Samples were collected seasonally at five stations using WP-2 net of 200 µ mesh size by vertical hauls. A total of 23 planktonic groups including 30 copepod species, 4 cladocerans and 4 chaetognaths were identified. Copepods were the most important group during the whole period of survey. Penilia avirostris was found to be dominant in spring, while Paracalanus parvus in summer and winter, and Acrocalanus gibber in autumn. Mesozooplankton abundance varied from 438 ind m3 (autumn) to 7163 ind m3 (spring), while biomass varied between 2.2 mg m3 (summer) and 52.9 mg m3 (autumn). Differences in abundance and biomass between seasons were statistically significant (P < 0.01). Clear seasonal distribution patterns were observed in the area. Two peaks in abundance were defined: a major peak in spring and a second minor one in autumn. It seems that the trophic element was the main factor affecting the density distribution of zooplankton populations, whereas species distributions were more affected by hydrographical parameters, namely: seawater temperature and salinity.


Corresponding author

Correspondance should be addressed to: Tuba Terbıyık Kurt, Department of Marine Sciences, Faculty of Fisheries, Cukurova University, 01330, Sarıçam, Adana, Turkey email:


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Seasonal distribution of coastal mesozooplankton community in relation to the environmental factors in İskenderun Bay (north-east Levantine, Mediterranean Sea)

  • Tuba Terbiyik Kurt (a1) and Sevim Polat (a1)


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