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Inter- and Intra-Beach Thermal Variation for Green Turtle Nests on Ascension Island, South Atlantic

  • Graeme C. Hays (a1), Colin R. Adams (a2), Jeanne A. Mortimer (a3) and J.R. Speakman (a1)


Nest temperatures for green turtles (Chelonia mydas) nesting on Ascension Island, South Atlantic (7°57'S 14°22'W), were examined. Temperature probes were placed into nests on two beaches, Long Beach (26 nests) and North East Bay (8 nests). Within these beaches there was relatively little thermal variation (SD of nest temperature was 0.32°C for Long Beach and 0.30°C for North East Bay). To examine inter-beach thermal variation temperature probes were buried at 55 cm on 12 beaches. Inter-beach thermal variation was large and was related to the beach albedo with the darkest beach (albedo, 016) being 4.2°C warmer than the lightest coloured beach (albedo, 0.73).



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Inter- and Intra-Beach Thermal Variation for Green Turtle Nests on Ascension Island, South Atlantic

  • Graeme C. Hays (a1), Colin R. Adams (a2), Jeanne A. Mortimer (a3) and J.R. Speakman (a1)


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